Kim Darragon, Founder of Kim Does Marketing & Daniel Giacopelli, Editorial Director at Courier Media

Today we're catching up with Kim Darragon (founder of Kim Does Marketing) and Daniel Giacopelli (Editorial Director at Courier Media) from their flat in The Barbican. With both of them having an entrepreneurial streak, they might be described as the ultimate #powercouple, but today we're catching up about their favourite house plants, self-care routines and switching off from the digital world. Kim and Daniel recently created Terrariums using our Starter Kit For Two as the perfect lockdown activity, so we hope you'll love their story!  

Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! We'd love for you to introduce yourselves and share a little more about who you are and what you do?

Hey! I’m Kim and I’m the founder of Kim Does Marketing, a marketing and events consultancy specialised in helping startups, new brands and ambitious entrepreneurs – particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds – grow and see results. I run a lot of 1-on-1 coaching sessions, run marketing audits, provide part-time consulting services, host webinars and speak at a lot of online events about everything from marketing to female entrepreneurship.

Danny: Hello! I’m Danny – a New Yorker married to a French girl in London. I run the editorial side of Courier, a media company and magazine all about telling stories of amazing small businesses. We’ve got a bimonthly print mag that’s on newsstands around the world, email newsletters, podcasts (I host our weekly one, Courier Weekly), and a bunch of cool one-off projects, like the new ‘how to start a business’ guide that we just launched.


We're online more than ever this year, how have you been switching off from the digital world and connecting with nature?

Kim: We just moved to the Barbican and being surrounded by nature has been such a mood boost. We used to live in Hackney and lockdown 1.0 was pretty hard with our flat sandwiched between the noisy Overground and busy Kingsland Road. The Barbican feels like a little oasis, with private gardens and the sound of water – there’s something magical about this juxtaposition of brutalist concrete and lush greens.

What she said. I’ve also just discovered a secret wilderness garden in The Barbican that’s been deliberately left to let nature do its thing, so I’ve spent some time there to zone out.
Kim: The results of the US presidential election… hope is coming! Also some absolutely hilarious videos on Tiktok. Absurd, cringy and fun. TikTok creators are really killing it at the moment! Creativity from Gen Z is pure gold! I allow myself only an hour a day to browse TikTok as it’s just too addicting and I have lots of work to do!

Danny: Joe and Kamala winning (and winning overwhelmingly and decisively) was an emotional high point. The thought of getting the orange monster out of the White House in January still brings a smile. Kim also forgets we got married this year, because it feels like a decade ago in this bizarre pandemic black hole we’re living in – but that was a highlight as well :)

Kim: Oh yeah! That’s true :)

Wedding lunch

Finally, we'd love to know your self-care routines whilst working from home. Any tips or tricks you'd like to share with our community? 

Kim: The best self care tip I can give is to remove all notifications from your phone – from email and WhatsApp to social media. I spend my day working on my laptop and being triggered constantly by my phone adds to my anxiety level. I prefer to be in control of when I want to engage with all that digital stuff. I also do hula hoop! And make some fun beaded bracelets (@kimdoesbeads) – and read a lot. Reading is my salvation, from fiction and graphic novels to business books.

Danny: I’m terrible at this and I work way too much, as Kim will be the first to point out. But when I scrape myself away from the laptop, I’ll grab my camera and set off on a wander around London. Street photography is my meditation.


Kim's fun beaded bracelets @kimdoesbeads 

And finally…

Describe yourself in one word?
Danny: Curious

Name a book you’ve read that’s positively shaped you?
Kim: Froth on the Daydream by French author Boris Vian. I love surrealism in literature and the visual arts.
Danny: Er… also a French author. Atomised by Michel Houellebecq.

If you could be any houseplant, what would it be?
Kim: Fiddle leaf fig, a majestic plant and pretty hard to kill :)
Danny: A weird looking but majestic cactus.

Something you'd love to do more of
Kim: Travel. 2020 has been so frustrating, not being able to see our families in France and the US.
Danny: Travel indeed. Dying to hop back on a plane. This has been the longest I’ve gone without travelling in probably my life.

Name your favourite podcast(s)
Kim: Courier Weekly by Courier :)
Danny: I really weirdly don’t listen to many podcasts, despite making a few.

A destination you'd love to visit
Kim: Mexico. I’d love to visit the Casa Azul of Frida Kalho, discover Mexican culture and taste their fantastic food (and mezcal!)
Danny: Japan, Senegal and India.

If you weren’t doing your current jobs, what would you be doing instead?
Kim: An ice cream shop owner, creating awesome flavours and combos, meeting customers and putting a big smile on their faces.
Danny: I’d probably start a brand of my own that reflects my values, aesthetics and other stuff I’ve learned by meeting and watching small business owners over the years. Watch this space…


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