International Women's Day 2021

At Leafage, we’re always inspired by so many different female founders, perhaps even more so for the resilience and grit, we’ve seen over the last year. To celebrate some of our favourites in the industry, we’ve rounded up five stellar women killing it in their game right now, so keep reading to hear some exclusive expert advice and delve into their stories a little deeper. Happy International Women's Day!

Natalia Bojanic - Co Founder and Brand Director of Form Nutrition

If you’re looking for a bit of sunshine in your life, meet Natalia. We first discovered Natalia through her meditations on Instagram which helps to make our days just that bit brighter. Natalia is the Co-Founder & Brand Director of Form Nutrition, a place where they craft award-winning plant-based protein for your body and mind.


Claire Warner - Co Founder of Aecorn Drinks

Claire is the co-founder of Aecorn, the delicious non-alcoholic range of aperitifs. She mentions that “we often turn down so many great opportunities because we think we’re not qualified, or we haven’t done something like that in the past...Sometimes it’s better to get out your own way and simply say yes, grab the opportunity and then figure out how you’re going to smash it. Better to say yes and fail, than to say no and never grow”.



Jasmine Douglas - Founder of Babes on Waves

Jasmin is the founder of the incredible platform that is Babes On Waves - a place women go to gain confidence through self-development talks and workshops as well as a business club for female entrepreneurs. When we last spoke to Jasmin she mentioned how this quote helps her  when she’s feeling unmotivated or caught up in comparison. She looks back at this quote, that “everything is always working out for me” and it helps her to carry on. We highly recommend checking out her platform @babesonwaves for lots of useful business tips and tricks!



Poppy Jamie - Founder of Happy Not Perfect

A dynamite in the wellbeing space, Poppy Jamie is one of our favourite multi-hyphenates. In her realm of responsibilities Poppy is the Founder of Happy Not Perfect, a wellbeing and mindfulness app, alongside hosting the complimentary “Not Perfect” podcast. When Poppy isn’t working on her business, you’ll find her hosting on your television, writing in the wellness space, and being a forever mental health activist.

Poppy made the shortlist of Forbes 30 under 30, TV host, mental health activist and wellness journalist



Diana Muendo - Co Creator of Creative Jungle Company and Co Founder of M.Y.O

Diana is the Co-founder of @myolondon, a place where you can tap into your creative side in a series of relaxing art related sessions. She is also the host of @creativejungleco, a podcast exploring creativity in life and business!

Last time we spoke to her she mentioned the best piece of advice she ever received was “you are what you think” so “if you think you are great or if you think you are a failure, you are right either way”. An incredibly powerful reminder to be aware of your thoughts and as they affect your reality!

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