Big Mama - Terrarium Top Tips

Hey plant lover! Welcome to our mini series of Terrarium Top Tips! Are you ready to get your hands dirty with your new Big Mama DIY Terrarium Kit? We’ve rounded up the best bits of our knowledge to enhance your creation, so get ready to be dazzled with handy tips and simple tricks. Don’t forget to tag @weareleafage so we can see your finished Big Mama in all her glory. 

 Big Mama Terrarium Top Tips

P.s we’ve provided extra pebbles and soil in your DIY terrarium kits so why not make another terrarium with your leftovers!

Tropical Terrarium Care


Terrariums love a well-lit area with indirect sunlight. Try to avoid direct sun, as the plants may burn.


If condensation has appeared on the glass and the plants are starting to wilt, your terrarium might be a little thirsty! It won’t need watering often, but this is usually a sign.


Our good looking terrarium is super low-maintenance. However, if you see any weeds, mould, or unhealthy looking plants, we recommend our aquarium scissors to help keep your creation fresh. Sometimes the glass might appear constantly wet from too much condensation. If this happens, take off the lid to air the terrarium for a couple of hours.

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