10 Terrarium Tools and Why You Need Them

In this mini guide you’ll learn about our favourite terrarium tools and why we recommend them for ultimate-terrarium-creation! From tweezers, to paint brushes, there are many nifty accessories you can add to your kit so you’ll be a pro in time. Lets jump right in…


Aquarium Tweezers

Aquarium Tweezers come in different lengths and styles, we usually opt for a straight or curved pair, depending on the container we’re using.

Perfect For - Helping to remove debris, adjusting plants and placing pebbles in corners we can’t reach. 

Top Tip - You can use your Aquarium Tweezers to handle any prickly cactus too!


Aquarium Scissors

You might be wondering why you need some Aquarium Scissors when you have a pair in every kitchen drawer? Aquarium Scissors are long and curved, so they’ve been designed to reach the tiniest corners of any sized terrarium, a worthy investment. 

Perfect For - Trimming and pruning plants to keep the terrarium looking healthy! The better you look after your terrarium, the longer it’s going to live for. 


Cork Stick 

One of the most underrated tools, you’ll receive a cork stick in your Leafage DIY Terrarium Kit.

Perfect For - Patting the soil in smaller, harder to reach areas to make sure everything is looking tidy. 

Top Tip - The stick will bend if you heat it with boiling water, perfect for reaching down a curved terrarium bottle. 



A spoon with a long handle? Groundbreaking.

Perfect For - Helping to put the soil and pebbles inside the terrarium - it’ll be your best friend during the process! 

Top Tip - Need a longer spoon? Grab a chopstick (or equivalent) or tape it to the end. 


Paint Brush 

No *actual* painting involved here, but a paint brush will help to keep your work of art looking stunning.

Perfect For - Dusting off any dirt that collects on more fragile leaves.

Top Tip - If you’re working with a bigger container, opt for a Radiator Brush which is slightly curved. 



Waste not, want not. We recommend using an old plant pot for a trustworthy DIY funnel.

Perfect For - Laying soil and pebbles neatly into the terrarium.


Grabber / Flexible Claw Pickup Took

The terrarium tool you never knew you needed!

Perfect For - Reaching into larger containers and moving things around.


Spray Bottle

If you’re houseplant fanatics like us, then it’s likely you’ll have one of these already! 

Perfect For - Watering your terrarium and cleaning the inside of the glass.


Kitchen Roll 

Perfect For - Cleaning the terrarium glass (both outside and in!).

Top Tip - Use tweezers with the kitchen roll to gently sweep the glass for ultimate shine. 

Gardening Gloves

Perfect For - Handling prickly cactus, or avoiding muddy hands.


You can purchase your DIY Starter Kit here, along with our range of recommended accessories. Or, if you have any questions on how to make a mind blowingly gorgeous terrarium, get in touch with our team, we’re a friendly bunch. ☺️

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