Leafage is driven by a single purpose – to inspire inner growth by nurturing through nature.

Putting wellbeing first

Our story

“Leafage was born from the simplest of desires; to connect, inspire and cultivate a love for the world around us.”

— Kay Suppamas, Leafage Founder

Meet the team

Kay Suppamas


“Before Leafage, I was working with Designers Guild as an e-commerce digital designer where I saw the potential to connect the online world with nature. What started off as my passion project has now become my full time thing and nothing makes me happier than continuing to see how we can grow Leafage, from the brand itself, to our community as well as our lovely team. When I’m not in the office, you’ll usually find me out cycling in the great outdoors and dreaming about the miniature dachshund, Freddie. ”

Vanessa Stidever


“My enthusiasm for working with Leafage stems from my keen interest in all things related to wellness and entrepreneurship. Having grown up in the bustling city of Hong Kong and now London, I understand the importance of taking time out in nature. Before starting work, you’ll usually find me taking a relaxed walk outside for at least 20minutes. It’s a refreshing way to start your day and get you in the right frame of mind.”


Workshop host
“I love seeing everyone's creations towards the end of a Leafage workshop, to see our guests happy with what they've created means we’ve done my job well. After plants, videogames are my big thing - I love reliving the 90s playing my PS1 and rediscovering older games I never had the chance to play.”

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