Terrarium Team Building Workshops

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How it works

How it works

Items will be delivered to the event location 48 hours before


On the day, Leafage workshop host will arrive 1 hour before to set up


At your chosen time, spend an hour creating your very own indoor oasis, connecting with one another and taking a break.

What baby wants, baby gets!

We will provide everything you and your team will need including terrariums, plants and all the tools ready for you to turn up and have an enjoyable experience. You can select your favourite from one of our two workshops below.

Tropical Terrarium Workshop

From £55 per person

The go-to for creating a self-sustained miniature garden. No fuss, no hassle and a worthy addition to any city-living space.

Desert Terrarium Workshop

From £55 per person

A beautiful and low-maintenance open cactus and succulent terrarium. The perfect miniature Sahara desert for urban dwellers.

happy team, happy life.     

Benefits to your team

Work-life balance

Allow your team time to reconnect, recharge and rediscover a new skill

Happy team, happy life

Houseplants enhance productivity, creativity levels and memory

Unbreakable bonds

Unique team-building activity helps improve team communication by 50%

What our clients are saying

Leafage created a great environment for the team to unwind and get our hands dirty! It couldn't' have been easier, and we all walked away with a little terrarium to boast about.


This was a great way to remove ourselves from work, learn something new, collaborate and have a ton of fun while doing it all. Amazing experience!

Matt, Sales Solutions Manager, Linkedin

Leafage's enthusiasm throughout the process was very admirable. They really brightened up the room and I would recommend these special terrarium workshops for anyone!


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