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At your selected time, you’ll go LIVE with the Leafage team and spend an hour creating your very own indoor oasis, connecting with one and other, and taking a break.

What baby wants, baby gets!

We will provide everything you and your team will need including terrariums, plants and all the tools ready for you to turn up and have an enjoyable experience. You can select your favourite from one of our two workshops below.

Tropical Terrarium Workshop

From £55 per person

The go-to for creating a self-sustained miniature garden. No fuss, no hassle and a worthy addition to any city-living space.

Desert Terrarium Workshop

From £55 per person

A beautiful and low-maintenance open cactus and succulent terrarium. The perfect miniature Sahara desert for urban dwellers.

happy team, happy life.     

Benefits to your team

Work-life balance

Allow your team time to reconnect, recharge and rediscover a new skill and the power of nature.

Happy team, happy life

Houseplants enhance productivity, creativity levels and memory which is super important in the modern office or working from home environment.

Unbreakable bonds

Connecting with your teammates through unique team activity help improve your team communication by 50%

What our clients are saying

“Nike and ASOS wanted to bring to life a reset experience for burnt-out 20-somethings through a series of immersive activities based around health and well-being over a 3.5 day experience. Marble were tasked with designing and producing an experience-led series of events within one venue; this ‘hub’ was to include 3 varied exercise rooms. At the end of the journey, guests could connect with each other and reflect through a series of workshops led by We Are Leafage.

Kay was an absolute pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm throughout the process was very admirable. Everyone really got stuck into her workshops and loved every second! Kay’s efficiency and positivity really brightened up the room and I would recommend these special workshops for anyone! Thanks so much Kay!”


“We were lucky enough to have Kay host a workshop for our team here at Facebook in July. Kay was a great (and patient!) teacher, taking (#) of us through the basics of building a terrarium and keeping it healthy.

She created a great environment for the team to unwind and get our hands dirty, with everything set up for us to dive right in. It couldn't have been easier, and we all walked away with a little creation to boast about. We actually decided to keep our terrariums on our desks (brightening up the office) and talk about the workshop all the time.

I couldn't recommend Kay more highly. Thank you!”


“We booked Leafage for a a media and influencer event for drinks brand Say Aloe. Guests included Balance Magazine, Healthista, The Mirror and Woman's Weekly.

Kay from Leafage was an amazing host with a great personality that made the audience very engaged. All guests left with massive smiles and positive feedback. I also took park in the workshop and loved my finished terrarium.”


"I couldn't recommend working with the Leafage team enough. We asked them to come along to an event to host a terrarium workshop, and from start to finish, everything was just so smooth and easy.

Kay was fabulous to work with, so flexible and understanding of our brand - she really listened and her 'can do 'attitude made everything so stress-free. At the time of the event, the team just got on with things, started setting up, and the space looked amazing. Exactly what you need when pre-event madness is in full swing!

The team were great with our guests, and everyone's terrarium baubles looked so good. Well done team Leafage!”


“Kay worked with us to organise an awesome workshop for our community, it was stylish, informative and executed brilliantly. High praise from everyone attended and a breeze to work with. Thanks Kay for the amazing expereince, we're all excited to have you back again soon!“


“Kay was a dream to have in our offices for our Easter Terrarium Workshop. All the guests loved their terrarium and also Kay, a kind and patient teacher with a heartening story. Kay branded the workshop for us, including table mats, after-care books and decorative ribbon.

Every detail was thought through and no request was too much. Leafage transformed the meeting room into an enjoyable workshop space. When some of us found making our terrarium more difficult than others, Kay and her assistants were really helpful and willing to get involved.

If you are lucky enough to work with Kay at Leafage you are guaranteed a one-off quality product and service.”


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