2020: The Year of Wellness

The start of 2020 for the team at Leafage has been an absolute whirlwind. We kicked off the year with several exciting workshops, practiced some mindful organisation courtesy of @sparkjoy, and established some exciting new partnerships (more news coming soon) - all whilst still finding time to appreciate nature in the midst of all the madness. But most exciting of all might just have been an exciting opportunity that was presented to us by a business community that we are proud to be a part of, Enterprise Nation!

Starting a business is a seemingly daunting and impossible task, but our founder, Kay, was given the chance to speak about her personal journey in creating Leafage on Enterprise Nation’s exclusive “How to start a wellness business” panel, hosted at the prestigious King's College London institution. The timetable provided was full of thought-provoking talks and in-depth interviews with many recognised businesses (and personal inspirations), Sofar Sounds, The Rebel Book Club, Escape The City and Grape & Fig to name a few. 

The ‘Wellness’ panel also hosted Jasmin Thomas, founder of Ohana CBD, as well as Marco Rovagnati, founder of Poapoa. Within minutes we dove straight into the history of Leafage: born from small financial investment but immense time and emotional commitment, Kay’s fierce passion for plants and positive living became the launching pad for all things terrarium. Now, her workshops have become a place, not just for pretty plant creations, but also a sanctuary for fostering a deep sense of wellbeing. The discussion also covered personal hardships, financial planning and ways to maintain a healthy mindset. It’s safe to say the talk was both informative, fun and undeniably inspirational.

A huge thank you to Enterprise Nation for making this possible - we are looking forward to the next one!



Kay’s 5 Top Tips When Starting A Wellness Business

1. Invest 💷

Sounds oh so simple, but in practice may prove harder than you think. Consider taking your profits and utilising these to invest back into your business. Although it may seem akin to a recycling chart, over the course of time you will see these earnings grow which can then be used for expansion. All it takes is a little time and patience (also applicable to plant care).

2. Quality control 📷

Invest in photography from day one, as well as the overall upkeep of your social pages. These are what you will use to promote yourself and your products or services, so it makes sense to package these up with a pretty bow. Worth it? Completely.

3. Testimonials ✍️

Get testimonials from your major clients, global and otherwise. It doesn’t take much and if they have already expressed an appreciation for your business then they will be more than happy to oblige.

4. Sign up to The British Library for business news and opportunities 📚

It takes less than 10 minutes and will provide you with a full range of fantastic resources. Join the club!

5. Don’t forget about you 🧘‍♀️

Make time for your own well being. Seriously, whether that be through meditation, reading, a hardcore gym session or simply taking the dog for a walk. Your body and mind will be grateful for the break and allow for increased productivity and performance during the busy work week ahead - and make sure to keep yourself well nourished too.


We hope you have found some nuggets of motivation buried in this month’s write up. If you are looking to step into the exciting and fast paced world of start-ups, we wish you the best of luck and support on your journey. If you are simply looking to increase your wellness and incorporate wellbeing activities into your life we hope to see you at one of our workshops soon. 

For now, we wish you a most fulfilling February! 

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