5 Top Tips To Help Your Terrarium Survive Winter

Just like clockwork, we’ve hit that time of year where the leaves turn yellow and the skies turn grey. Unlike most houseplants, our terrariums are relatively hard to kill - but don’t be fooled - you’ll still need to take note of a little winter maintenance to ensure they’ll survive the season. We’ve rounded up our top five tips to get your terrarium through the winter in style.


Say No To Heat
It’s unlikely that you’ll come across a U.K. household without any form of heating switched on from the 1st of November, amiright? Unfortunately this isn’t the best news for your terrarium. They don’t love artificial heat, so be sure to move them away from any radiators or underfloor heating in the winter. If you see the leaves starting to go a little crisp, this could be a sign that it’s too hot. It’s nothing a little TLC can’t fix but if you want to stay ahead of the game, keep this in mind.


Just A Little Bit Of Sun
Quite the opposite to the heat, winter sun is in fact okay for your terrarium. It’ll actually help your terrarium get the nourishment it needs throughout the season so we recommended choosing a spot that gets some morning light for the perfect balance.


Misting Is Your Friend
You heard it here first! The secret ingredient to keeping the leaves and soil fresh all year round is a mister. Make sure you purchase one with a slightly longer nozzle so it can reach the bottom of your container. Not only will it water the plants, but it’ll give the insides of the glass a good clean too. Perfect for showing off your creation in all of it’s glory over the festive period. Top tip - Your mister will double up as a houseplant spray too!

No Drafts Allowed
Whilst we’re always advocates for a bit of fresh air, we can’t say our terrarium friends quite agree. Blasts of extreme air, whether that's hot or cold, can cause serious damage to the plants inside our terrariums. If you’re thinking of opening a window this winter, make sure your terrarium is staying safe in the next room along.


A Seasonal Refresh
Last, but certainly not least, this time of the year is perfect for giving your houseplants a little refresh and your terrarium is no different! We’d suggest using our Aquarium Tweezers to play around with the decoration, add in some fresh soil, and get rid of any dried up leaves. 



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