5 Unique Ways to Increase Employee Wellbeing

It's true that happy employees are more productive and engaged in their work. But it's not enough to just expect employees to be happy. To boost employee wellbeing and productivity, you need to invest in your people's personal and professional growth, make sure they're doing meaningful work, provide them with perks that matter, and host a terrarium team-building event! Let's take a look at each one of these ideas in more detail.

1. Invest in team personal and professional growth
Work to create a culture that values learning, both for the individual and for the team. This will allow you to take your team in new directions, which is key for employee wellbeing. Your employees will benefit from opportunities to learn new skills, share their knowledge with others and become more effective at what they do.


2. Meaningful work

Meaningful work is work that is personally fulfilling. It's work you find personally rewarding, meaningful to others, meaningful to your community and/or society as a whole, and/or meaningful for the planet.

It can be challenging to find meaningful work in all of these areas—but it doesn't have to be! There are many ways we can help employees create their own meaning in the workplace by creating opportunities for them to experience the benefits of doing so:

  • Give employees the freedom and autonomy they need in order to make decisions on their own terms. This could include allowing them some flexibility with their schedule or letting them choose when they want a break during certain parts of their day.

  • Encourage employees' engagement with one another outside of formal meetings or projects by encouraging socializing between colleagues who might not normally interact outside of work hours (for example team members who sit next door to one another)


3. Meaningful perks

Meaningful perks are a great way to show your employees that you care about them. They're also an excellent way to attract new talent, and build loyalty among current staff members.

When it comes to benefits and perks, there's no one size fits all—what works for one employee might not work for another, but there are some universal themes that make their way into almost every workplace perk package.

Many companies offer flexible schedules as part of their benefits package; some even go so far as offering unlimited vacation days or sabbaticals in order to give employees time off when they need it most. Other common perks include:

  • Birthdays off

  • Time off during flu season or after surgery/illness

  • Accessibility services such as sign language interpreters or braille devices 

4. Throw an engaging team-building like terrarium making

You don’t need to plan a trip to the mountains or take them skydiving for your employees to have an engaging team-building activity. You can bring the outdoors inside with terrarium making.

The basic idea behind this type of event is that you invite your employees to come and learn how to make their own miniature ecosystems. The terrariums they create will be unique, beautiful, and very much alive! Plus, they’ll be able to use these creations as decorations in their homes once they’re done.

When you are planning an event like this, there are endless possibilities. It's fun to explore what works best for both yourself/your organization and those attending; everyone will leave feeling refreshed after spending time together making something beautiful (and useful!)

Terrarium Workshop

Image Credit: Leafage Terrarium Workshop at Workspace


5. Invest in your employees' wellbeing to get more productivity and engagement

Investing in your employees' wellbeing can help you get more productivity and engagement from them. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Offer a flexible schedule. If employees are expected to be at the office 9-5, they'll find it hard to take care of their personal needs during those hours.

  • Let them work remotely when needed. If an employee has a doctor's appointment or family emergency, let them work from home for part of the day or for longer periods of time if necessary. This will allow them to be productive while also taking care of their personal responsibilities.

  • Encourage self-care activities at work like yoga classes or massages onsite (or offsite if allowed). This can help relieve stress and promote health which makes them happier overall!


We hope that you’ve gotten some inspiration for how to make your company more employee-centric. One of the best ways to improve your workplace is to invest in your employees - they’re the ones who will be working with you, so it only makes sense that they should feel happy and fulfilled! At the end of the day, if everyone feels like their needs are being met at work, there’s much less risk of burnout or turnover issues. And don’t forget about investing in yourself - it can be easy to lose sight of what matters most when running a business but remember: if we all take care of ourselves then everyone wins!


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