Festive Gift Guide from UK Small Businesses

It’s nearly that time of year (how on earth did that happen?!). We hear you and we feel you. 2020 has been a strange one. But it’s now time to start lighting those candles, putting on the cosiest loungewear you own and making that delicious Baileys hot chocolate, that we know deep down, you want it all year round!

We’ve created a mini festive gift guide featuring 10 gifts and stocking filler ideas made by  flourishing UK small businesses, because did you know when you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance? We hope you enjoy our selection  as much as we do! 

 Mean Mail

Mean Mail 

These are straight-talking, no-nonsense greeting cards. They don’t include heartfelt thanks or sentimental statements, rather they are cards designed for the ones you love and love to hate. 

Mean Mail was created by the wonderful Art Director by trade, Vicky Simmons as a side project. She was inspired by the wise words of Oscar Wilde “True friends stab you in the front” - keeping it real since day one.

 Do Books

Do Books - By Do Lectures

Do Books are the best quick-read books that spark BIG ideas. We’ve read around five of them collectively as a team this year and we are itching to get our hands on more! These books are readable, digestible and actionable. What more could you need! We recently finished ‘Do Present’ by Mark Shayler and it was incredible. It sparked so many eureka moments. If your pal loves a good non-fiction book, a Do Book is the perfect stocking filler or small gift for them.


Shoreditch Nails

Shoreditch Nails

New year, new nails. There’s nothing like a fresh mani pedi to help you get into the holiday spirit. Shoreditch Nails are a green salon where they can be. They offer vegan and cruelty free polishes, skincare and wax as well as natural and organic scrubs, balms and oil. They even do virtual workshops for aspiring nail artists! How cool is that?!

Leiho Socks


Leiho’s journey started off by providing socks to the homeless. Did you know that clean socks are the most requested item of clothing at homeless shelters? We certainly didn’t.

So when you buy a pair of socks at Leiho’s, they then donate a fresh new pair to the homeless. Do check out what they do as they also sell eco-friendly Christmas sock crackers!




If candles are your thing, check out Bableit. They have some cute hand painted candles which will help to transform your dining table into something out of a picture book!  We’re ready to Bable our table this season. 



Get ready to offend your friends/family/pets this season with these air dried or kiln fired carrier bags. You can put a plant of your choice or dried flowers in them to make them extra decorative in your house!

 Starter Kit for Two - Twinny - Leafage

Starter Kit For Two - Leafage

Launched during the lockdown and inspired to level up your indoor activity game, our starter kit for two is suitable to do with your loved ones at home. Grab your soil mates as it’s thyme to get your hands dirty! 

If you have purchased from us in the past and absolutely love doing our terrariums, we recommend purchasing extra terrarium tools to maintain your beauties. Over time, as your terrarium continues to thrive, the plants may need to be trimmed from time to time to keep it looking extra fresh.

Good Candles

Good Candles

Think Toms for Candles but happier / sillier and they smell better! The founder Olly, created this phenomenal business during the lockdown as he felt he had a responsibility to do something worthwhile whilst making his daughter proud. They donate 10% of their profits to food banks, improving children’s literacy, planting trees and suicide prevention charities - all of which have been chosen as they lie close to his heart.



Trippy Tuesday

Handmade in London by Sam & Ruth bringing you body normative candles!

 Lockdown Liquor

Lockdown Liquor 

This small-batch of deliciously blended cocktails were created during lockdown as an added extra for a group zoom call with friends and have since grown quite a bit since they first started a few months ago! Their wonderful company is partnered with Founders Pledge where they pledge to support funding the pandemic and COVID-19 related initiatives. 

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