How We'll Be Spreading Joy This Christmas


We can’t deny this year has been a difficult one for many, but as we approach the festive season, it’s important to take actions on the positives. We recently came across this quote from Owen O’Kane, psychotherapist and author of Ten Times Happier - "I’m certain it doesn’t have to be a miserable Christmas. It can be a time for reflection, rest, connection and creating new memories that could make it a Christmas like no other. Christmas 2020 isn’t cancelled”. So here are 10 small ways to spread Christmas cheer this year.


Helping Those In Need
If you’re anything like us, the festive season is one for reflection so we often find ourselves thinking about the privileges that we have. We’ll be making sure to give something back to those less fortunate, and donating is a simple yet effective way to do this. Hannah, along with others in her block of flats, will be donating goods to their local food banks during the lead up to Christmas. We recommend checking out The Trussell Trust to find your nearest food bank accepting donations. 


Reaching Out To Loved Ones
Whilst we might not be able to see all of our family and friends at Christmas this year, we’re lucky to be living in a digital age where it’s almost too easy to stay in touch. Leafage founder Kay has a lot of family in Thailand so she’ll be sending them a festive treat through the post. We recommend adding a hadn’t written note for a personalised touch! 


A Simple Smile
It’s the little things that count. Arguably the easiest pick-me-up from our list, show a little grin on your morning walk or extend a wave to your local barista. You won’t be the only one smiling by the end.  



Supporting Small Businesses 
Supporting Small Businesses is essential all year round, but even more so at Christmas. We can’t compete with the bulk discounts, seasonal offers and super speedy next day delivery that the big players can offer, but what we can do is promise is a happy dance every time you place an order. The Leafage team have all been shopping small this Christmas, purchasing from brands we love such as Good Candles, My Lady Garden, Heackles, and Seedlip. 


Paying It Forward 
Another idea we love is to pay it forward at your local coffee shop. The concept is simple, you request to pay for the person's coffee in the queue behind you when you’re grabbing yours! Something super simple that can really make a stranger's day.


Showing Compassion
Last, but certainly not least, we recommended doing something small to show compassion to a loved one this year. Whether that’s offering an extended arm, or being a welcomed voice at the end of the phone, there are lots of ways to let someone know you’re there for them. Our Digital Assistant Vanessa is going to be baking some goodies for her Secret Santa this year and we thought this was a really sweet idea.



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