Leafage x Do Pause - January Limited-Edition


Leafage have teamed up with Do Books, the inspirational pocket guides publishers, to create a wellness bundle to kickstart the new year. 

Featuring our SISTA or BIG MAMA terrarium kit and a Do Pause book, this limited-edition terrarium and book bundle has been designed to give people the opportunity to take a moment for themselves at the start of a new year. Discover ways to reset, reconnect and take back control of time with Do Pause. Then put these tools into practice with our Leafage DIY kit, designed for taking time out, getting hands on and reconnecting. There is no better time to learn and apply wellbeing practices for the year ahead. 



Inspiring action and positive change, the concise Do Pause book focuses on the ‘doing’ rather than the background theory. Packed with tools and ideas to foster new habits or make more significant lifestyle choices, it focuses on the idea that to prosper, we need a more sustainable approach - an ability to pause.



Leafage is an activity that allows one to pause. Taking time out to create a beautiful terrarium is a fun and enriching activity. What’s more, the mental wellbeing benefits of plants are well known, and the end result is a beautiful terrarium to enjoy for months to come. It’s a lasting reminder to take time to pause.  

Do Pause is about the hidden value that a pause - whether that’s a few minutes or an extended break - can have on our overall wellbeing. It can be reflective, offer perspective, allow you to process thoughts, or even spark new ideas! Taking the time to read the book and create a terrarium is an invitation for people to actively pause and engage in an enriching activity - and we’re excited to collaborate with Leafage this January to provide the nudge and the tools for this”.
Miranda West, Publisher, The Do Book Co.



“We are really excited to be partnering with Do Books to create this wellbeing bundle. Do Pause works perfectly with our terrarium kits, which have been designed for taking time out and reconnecting. We hope it helps people foster new positive habits for the new year”. 
Kaew Suppamas, founder of Leafage


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