Nurture Workplace Well-Being: 5 Ways to Embrace Nature

In our corporate narrative, nature plays a pivotal role in employee well-being. Recognising the broken bond, a new, close relationship with nature is imperative. The Pathways to Nature Connectedness offer a guide for the workplace, encouraging teams to notice, feel, find beauty, celebrate, and care – cultivating a fulfilling connection.


5 Ways to Foster Nature Connection in the Workplace.. 

1. Contact - Tuning in to nature through the senses 🌱

  • Arrange a nature-based workshop or terrarium-building for team bonding.
  • Decorate the workspace with live plants and office living walls.
  • Create barefoot-friendly spaces for a direct connection with nature.

2. Emotion - Feel alive through the emotions nature brings  🌱
  • Integrate nature-inspired decor for a calming office atmosphere.
  • Encourage teams to reflect on and share feelings about nature.

3. Beauty - Appreciate the beauty of nature  🌱

  • Host a photo competition featuring office plants.
  • Plan outings to locations with breathtaking natural views.
  • Create miniature gardens within the office bringing the outside in.

4. Meaning - Explore how nature brings meaning to work lives  🌱

  • Celebrate Earth Day with an eco-friendly team event.
  • Host a engaging nature workshop showcasing gardening benefits.
  • Arrange an expert to share tips on edible plants.

5. Compassion - Show care for nature  🌱

  • Implement sustainability initiatives, like tree planting and sea plastic removal.
  • Upcycle office furniture with local and eco-friendly materials.
  • Participate as a team in local beach clean-up events.

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