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We’re a curious bunch and we love to learn. Whether that’s learning from personal life stories or business triumphs and losses, there is no doubt we will continue to learn in the hope it will help us navigate through our own personal and professional lives. 

We particularly love a good podcast. It’s at least an hour, where you get to consume a lifetime's worth of information from someone who's lived through it (whatever ‘it’ could be). In this blog we’ll be covering 10 of our all time favourite feel good podcasts from the team. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


1. A Bit of Optimism - Simon Sinek

The unshakeable optimist has a podcast! Simon has recently started hosting conversations with the very people that inspire him on a daily basis! (Yes, really!). We’ve already binged listened to them all, with our favourite being the Courage by Guy Raz. In this podcast they delve deep into what exactly is courage and where can they find it, especially during times like these. 


Here you’ll find Ferne talking to incredible people and sharing their inspiring stories. In her show she covers everything from life, love, loss and everything else in between. One of our all time favourite episodes is with
Holly Tucker (who we consider our small business fairy godmother!). This episode is full of so much joy and optimism and despite her hardships, it’s definitely one of those stories that inspires you to dream big!

If you haven’t already, have a listen and let us know what you think.


3. How to Fail - Elizabeth Day

This is definitely one of our go to episodes for a little pick me up during the day. Running a business can feel like you're on an epic rollercoaster ride. Yes, there are amazing highs but the lows can really bring you crashing down. This is why Elizabeth’s podcast is so great. It reminds us that failures are part of the journey and in order to succeed, you need to accept and learn from them. 


4. Not Perfect Podcast by Poppy Jamie

It’s safe to say, we’ve definitely got a girl crush on this podcast host! Why? Well,  Poppy is not only a Forbes 30 under 30, serial entrepreneur, TV host, mental health activist but she is also the founder of the award winning mindfulness app Happy not Perfect!

In these podcasts she dives deep into what makes us thrive as human beings, covering anxiety, happiness and heartbreak with world renowned experts. We recently created a blog post covering one of our favourite podcast episodes from her, which was about the importance of play here (spoiler alert: It’s not just for kids!).



5. Yes Theory Podcast - Matt, Ammar and Thomas 

The hosts Matt, Ammar and Thomas focus on an interesting view, where they reckon feelings of discomfort might hold the keys to meaning and happiness in life! In this show they share moving stories and insights from expert guests about the world at large, our place in it, and one another.


6. She Can She Did - Fiona Grayson

Now this podcast is a firm favourite among our team as it’s jam packed with inspiring female founders who are truly making waves in their industries. One of our favourite podcast episodes is with Chenai Bukutu, the founder of By Chenai Events. We listened to this podcast on a particularly gloomy morning and heard all about Chenai, a UK based wedding planner who pushed on despite lockdown cancelling all her planned events for 2020. It was a great reminder that you are capable of doing anything, even when times may feel incredibly tough.



7. Conversations of Inspiration - Holly Tucker

We mentioned Holly (aka our fairy godmother) previously in Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast mention. Holly’s zest for life is infectious. She always leaves you with a smile on your face and her brilliant interviewing and storytelling skills will forever keep you entertained. Although these podcasts are generally catered to growing and empowering small businesses throughout the UK, they are all brilliant for anyone interested in learning from others who are optimists at heart. Check out this episode Holly did with the founder of Beauty Pie, Marcia Kilgore (SO good!).


8. She Loves Podcast - Jenny, Rachel and Lo 

This podcast celebrates the stories of women working to create a better world. Each week they’re joined by different guests from the powerhouse that is Grace Beverly of Tala to the wise and inspirational Natalia Bojanic from Form Nutrition. They’ve got a new season of episodes coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled! We can’t wait!


9. Indie Roller Podcast 

This podcast is like having sunshine in your pocket! This podcast is such a delight to listen to as it’s filled with small business’ owners hopes and dreams for the future. The podcast host is Leona, the founder of Indie Roller and the creator of the 2020 vision to tell the stories of 1000 Indie Biz owners (wow wow wow!). She works from the Rainbow room in sunny Margate where she encourages her fellow creative entrepreneurs to play by their own rules to give them the life they want to lead.   


10. Feel Better, Live More - Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

Dr Rangan’s Chatterjee ethos is that when we feel better we live more -  we couldn’t agree more with that statement. The best thing about his podcasts is that they never fail to drop ‘wow bombs’, where we literally have to stop what we’re doing and really listen to the conversation happening. 10/10 from us! 

One of his most iconic podcasts is with John McAvoy. John used to be one of the UK’s most wanted men and in this podcast he talks about his life story and how he has now become one of the world’s most extraordinary athletes. This is as gripping as it sounds! 

All of these podcasts are as unique and incredible in their own right, so we truly hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We’d love to know what you think and if you have any podcasts that you’ve listened to time and time again. If you have one in mind that you’d love to share with us, then feel free to message us on our Instagram here. We can’t wait to listen to them. 


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