UK Wellness Awareness Days 2024



Discover a greener approach to team wellness in 2024 with our curated list of key wellness awareness days! 🌿

These wellness awareness days provide ideal opportunities for planning your upcoming virtual and in-person events, featuring our terrarium team and private workshops. Consider incorporating these nature-inspired experiences into:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Corporate Client Events
  • Office Reintegration Events
  • Team Socials
  • Product Launch Parties


Workplace nature-based experiences to
help your team recharge

Join us on a mission to provide nature-based experiences in the workplace, helping your team recharge and find inspiration. Our vision is a world where individuals wake up every day excited to go to work and leave feeling fulfilled.

Let's create a greener, more vibrant work culture together!




15th January 2024 | Blue Monday
28th January 2024 | National Fun at Work


LGBT History Month 
1st February 2024 | Time to Talk Day
10th February  2024 | Chinese New Year
14th February 2024| Valentine's Day
17th February  2024 | Random Acts of Kindness Day


8th March 2024| International Women’s Day
20th March 2024 | International Day of Happiness.
20th March 2024 | First day of Spring (Spring Equinox)

31st March 2024 | Easter Sunday


Stress Awareness Month
7th April 2024 | World Health Day
7th April 2024 | World Book Day
14th April 2024 | National Gardening Day
15th April 2024 | World Art Day
22nd April 2024 | Earth Day* (Sustainability + Nature = Terrarium making!) 


1st May 2024 | May Day
2nd - 8th May 2024 | National Gardening Week
13th – 19th May 2024 | Mental Health Awareness Week (Wellness + Nature = Terrarium Making!) 
13th - 19th May  2024 Learning at Work Week
16th May 2024 | National Love A Tree Day
30th May 2024 | Water a Flower Day


3rd - 9th June 2024 | National Growing for Wellbeing Week
8th June 2024 | World Oceans Day
12th - 18th June 2024 | Loneliness Awareness Week 
16th June 2024 | World Refill Day
21st June 2024 | Summer Solstice
27th June - 1st July 2024 | World Wellbeing Week (Wellness + Nature = Terrarium Making!)  



Plastic Free July Month
7th July 2024 | Global Forgiveness Day
17th July 2024 | World Emoji Day
30th July 2024 | International Friendship Day



9th August 2024 | National Book Lovers Day
15th August 2024 | National Relaxation Day



13th September 2024 | Positive Thinking Day
20th - 25th September 2024 | Recycle Week
22nd September 2024 | Autumn Equinox Day
21st September 2024 | International Day of Peace


10th October 2024 | World Mental Health Day
31st October 2024 | Halloween



2nd – 6th November 2024 | International Stress Awareness Week
13th November 2024 | World Kindness Day
19th November 2024 | International Men’s Day


1st December 2024 | Tree Dressing Day

Why not treat your team to a fun and uplifting experience by incorporating key wellness days and a terrarium workshop into your next corporate event? With Leafage, you'll have a blast creating lasting memories and connecting with nature while boosting your team's well-being. 


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