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About Berenberg:

Berenberg, a distinguished wealth management company, epitomizes a legacy of financial excellence spanning centuries. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and client-centric approaches, Berenberg stands as a pillar of stability in the dynamic world of finance.




The Brief:

  • Bring together the opportunity for Berenberg's clients whose Personal Assistants (PA) & Executive Assistants (EA) are from investment firms to meet, unwind, connect and do something creative after work.
  •  Provide an opportunity for the guests to reconnect to nature by making a terrarium and celebrate the upcoming Earth Day on Saturday 22nd April



To fulfil the Earth Day celebration we partnered with Berenberg to deliver this interactive experience for team and clients. A delightful escape into the world of greenery.  Participants were guided through the art of building their miniature ecosystems, The workshop seamlessly blended client entertainment with a broader message of connecting with the natural world. 

Earth Day is an important reminder of the impact we have on the environment and the need to take action to protect our planet and promote sustainability.  

Terrariums are an excellent way to promote sustainability. They require very little water and maintenance, making them a low-impact way to bring nature indoors. Plus, they can improve indoor air quality and reduce stress.  


  • Enthusiastic participation from clients and Guests.  
  • Attendees relished the creative process of crafting terrariums and gained a deeper understanding of the benefits of time spent in nature. 
  • Our experienced hosts focused on the benefits of workplace wellbeing, encouraging downtime. 
  • Guests left with a new-found skill and a wider network
  • The event successfully strengthened the bond between Berenberg and its clients.


This case study exemplifies how Berenberg leveraged a terrarium workshop to celebrate Earth Day, combining client entertainment and engagement.

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