Ecover Refillery Station: Terrarium Display


Ecover has become a household name in recent years with their #LETSLIVECLEAN campaign soaring the shelves of local and independent stores alike. They are on a mission to redefine clean for the 21st century - think clean products, clean homes and clean values. From how they do business to out-war on ocean plastic, Ecover is a leader in the clean world revolution. 

Eager to play our part, Leafage joined forces with Ecover’s initiative, Refillution, promoting the benefits of refilling empty household products. Plastic can last a lifetime, yet 300 million tonnes of it are thrown away every year, so Ecover is calling for it to be put to work by embracing the rinse and repeat of refilling.  #JoinTheRefillution



The Brief: 

A former petrol station in the city centre was transformed into the ‘Ecover Refillery’ - a destination dedicated to fighting plastic waste with refills. The promotional event, held across two full days, aimed to encourage guests of all ages to refill and reuse products with complimentary top-ups and inspirational installations. The Refillery partnered with activist Camilla Thurlow where passerby's pledged to keep their Ecover bottle for a year + refill it in the stations Ecover liquid pumps. Good vibes only! Leafage was scouted to provide a terrarium display promoting creative ways to reuse + refill Ecover bottles. 

The Solution: 

  • We worked with Ecover’s creative agency to design a bespoke terrarium display that was informative but informal 
  • The set-up demonstrated a fun way of refilling Ecover bottles with plants, inspiring visitors to challenge their creativity
  • Our display created a “photo moment” to encourage shares of the event online
  • We sourced colourful plants in homage to Ecover’s bright pallet
  • Provided on-site setup and hung out with wellness warrior attendees, bonding over the Refillution


The Results: 

  • Raised awareness of Ecover’s mission to thousands of guests
  • 1000+ bottles filled up on site 
  • Media coverage from news and social outlets
  • Hundreds of social media impressions
  • Inspired future generations to consider their consumption



    Terrarium displays can take your event from basic to blooming, so if you’re in need of a foliage installation or perhaps something a little more bespoke, we’d love to work on your next project. Find out more or request a quote.


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