Meta x Leafage Workshop


Team-building events are a fantastic way for businesses to connect on a more personal level with their employees, as well as offering an opportunity for colleagues to bond, better understand a company’s ethos and most importantly – learn to work better together.




We hosted our first super fun team-building event in July of 2018 for one of the largest online companies ever. Born from complete innovation, passion and drive, Meta is now one of the most influential platforms in the world. Talk about a baptism of fire!




The team-building masterclass took place in at Meta HQ in Central London and was additionally the largest team-building masterclass that Leafage has hosted with over 30 guests in attendance. Kay relished the opportunity to enlighten more people than ever about the beauty of terrariums, specifically how they are perfect for inspiring well-being in the work place and why they are so. In addition to this, having more people than ever designing and building their own terrariums was also inspiring for us. To see other’s, find enjoyment, happiness and a natural calm brings us joy! After the team-building masterclass we received amazing feedback from guests, and a glowing testimonial which you can find below.


At Leafage we believe feeling a-part of something bigger, mental well-being and having a connection to nature are a few of the most important things in life, and our team-building masterclasses passionately reflect this sentiment.


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