Seeking Experienced COO to Mentor up-and-coming CEO in Events Business.

Leafage is looking for a dynamic COO Advisor with a proven track record in operations, budgeting, and execution-focused strategies. The ideal candidate will play a pivotal role in catalysing Leafage's growth by 10x, enhancing financial rigour. An individual who is driven by the passion to share their knowledge and mentor the next generation of business leaders.


  • Excellent at financial modelling
  • World-class at unit economics and its application in business growth.
  • Demonstrated expertise in integrating marketing and sales strategies within the economic cycle of event-based businesses


Leafage is dedicated to helping people live happier and healthier through nature-based experiences. Our workshops, team-building events, and DIY gardening kits provide opportunities for individuals and organisations to reconnect and recharge amidst the tranquillity of nature. Founded by Kay in 2019, inspired by the healing power of plants after a personal loss, Leafage has since partnered with global companies like LinkedIn, Google, Meta, and more. We aspire to become the leading destination for nature-based workplace experiences in London and across the UK. 

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