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Workshop Timing Guide

Leafage Terrarium Team Workshop

Workshop 1.5 hrs

Designed for medium to larger containers, providing a comprehensive experience with abundant time for exploration and learning. MADE FOR - LIL SISTA KIT (H20cm x D10cm)

Workshop 1 hr

Designed for shorter sessions like lunch & learns to fit within an hour for focused engagement. MADE FOR: BABY KIT (H16cm x D8cm) // LIL BRO KIT (15cm) // Moss Frame

Multiple-session in 1 day

Book the first session & input the rest of the timings under NOTES / SPECIAL REQUEST
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How does delivery work?

Materials Delivered to Your Location

Once your event is confirmed, we'll deliver workshop materials to your location 2-3 working days before the event day

Setting the Space: 

On your event day, our workshop hosts will arrive 1-1.5 hours early to set up the space, ready for a memorable expereince when you arrive

No Mess Left Behind:

During the workshop, we cover your workspace to keep things neat and tidy. After the event, we take care of cleanup, leaving your space how we found it :)

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